Eerstvolgende Jazz and Wine Concert: 21 Nov. 2021 van 15:00 u. tot 16:30 u. – Ron Gastrobar Indonesia – Laren
Eerstvolgende Jazz and Wine Concert: 21 Nov. 2021 van 15:00 u. tot 16:30 u. – Ron Gastrobar Indonesia – Laren


The most beautiful things in life come together during the Jazz and Wine concerts: an enchanting jazz concert, three exclusive wines and a special story. Rediscover the wonder of wine through this taste, aroma, and listening adventure.

Jazz and Wine concerts welcome

Wines we present

Various wines are served at Jazz and Wine. These can be special wines, famous wines, fine wines or just wines / wine estates with a remarkable story, it differs per concert.

During a Jazz and Wine concert we serve 3 different glasses for you. Consult our agenda to discover which wines will be highlighted during which concert.

Jazz and Wine has a warm relationship with the famous Italian winery Antinori, which is why the wines from this iconic winery regularly play a leading role during our concerts.

For our bon vivants who want to drink alcohol free, we are happy to serve a nice selection of alcohol free wines. Please indicate your wish to drink alcohol-free wine during our concert by clicking on “Alcohol-free” after purchasing your tickets.

Life is too precious to drink bad wine …. see you soon? Chin-chin!


Jazz and Wine concerts are organized several times a year at various locations in the Netherlands. Tickets for Jazz and Wine concerts are only available online through this website. Unfortunately, ticket sales are not possible at the door.

Consult our agenda for more information.

Tickets Jazz and Wine concert events


Do you want to stay for dinner after a Jazz and Wine concert? This is possible in some locations.For this you can make your restaurant reservation here on our website when purchasing your Jazz and Wine ticket. We ensure that the restaurant expects you after the Jazz and Wine concert. We ask you to purchase your Jazz and Wine ticket on this site. Paying for your dinner will be at the restaurant.The rates of Jazz and Wine tickets do not include your dinner.


Jazz and wine concert events for those who can appreciate the the treasures of life…


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